Latest Happenings

Origami Workshop 28 February 2014:

An origami workshop was conducted for the children at Bal Basera Jaipur.

The aim of workshop was to foster the behavioral skills by developing their team working skills, understanding of Math concepts, cognitive development etc. The workshop also aimed at making the children multi-cultural aware.

The children were shown some pictures about Japan (flag of Japan, Tokyo etc). The chidren were also shown the location of Japan on the map.

They were also told about the history of Origami - is an old Chinese art called “ZHEZI” which was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks and this art is now still living through Japanese culture. The name Origami is Japanese and has a particular meaning, indeed “ORU” means “folding” and “KAMI” means “paper”, so it means folding paper.

The children were then showed some pictures of Origami and were facilitated to make few Origami. The children really enjoyed creating their own Origami. They made dogs, dragons, cranes, cocotte, the dog, the rabbit and the swan. Japanese music was played when the children were making these origami.