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Make a difference

You can make a difference in several ways

Kitchen Project
This is a unique and innovative initiative in which we are providing nutritional food to children every evening. You can support TAABAR for Kitchen Project in the following ways:

  • Donate Rs. 1000/month for its sustenance.
  • Give in kind – dry rations, rice, wheat, sugar, lentils, cereal, milk, utensils etc.
  • iponsor snacks for children during events like Sports Day, Cultural Evening, educational trip, celebration of festivals.

Sponsor a Child
Help us by sponsoring a child so that they can enjoy a normal childhood. Make a contribution to help build a bright future for them.

You can sponsor a child in the following ways:

  • Donate Rs. 21,000 per year, this donation would provide an entire shelter, three meals every day and education along with other facilities for a year.
  • Sponsor books and stationery.
  • You can sponsor a child for higher education.

Sponsor Health Care Programme
Health and sanitation conditions of the street children are very poor. These children are most vulnerable to STIs, STDs, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDs and various viral and bacterial infections. Many children are in distress, physically and mentally abused, under extreme trauma or are terminally ill, and they need immediate medical help which is extremely expensive.

You can support Health Care Programme by:
* Sponsoring a child’s health by giving Rs 5,000 per year for child health care.

Sponsor Vocational Training Help the children’s lives be better, not just a struggle for survival. Help them earn a livelihood and make them self-reliant and independent. Support us in teaching them marketable skills.

Donating Rs. 2,000 per month to help them acquire a skill. Together we can make their future better.

Ways to make donations
To know more about how to help and support us please send a mail at

All donations to TAABAR SOCIETY are exempted from income tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.