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Awareness on importance and right method of Hand washing

Landy Rajaonarison, an intern at Taabar conducted hand washing demonstration with all the children at Bal Basera.

The importance of washing hands properly was explained to them. The children were told that healthy handwashing habit is very necessary and effective to protect ourselves against diseases (cold, flu, pneumonia…).

Then they were explained how they should wash their hands. How to use soap, clean warm water and clean towel. The whole process was explained to them through a demo where the children did themselves and thus learnt better. The chidren also prepared several posters to create consciousness about hand washing.

When new children arrived in the Bal Basrera , the oldest boy helped Landy to explain to them about the different step and the reason why hand washing is important. The children were very proud when they explained to the other children.

The whole activity demonstrated to the children and made them understand that hygiene is an important step for their future. The children really enjoyed the activity