About Us


In 2006, a project was initiated to offer children who were living at railway stations, shelter, awareness of and treatment for HIV/AIDS. A temporary flat was rented and initially a start was made with five children, and gradually the number of children has increased. In the beginning, due to lack of resources, we were just providing meals and giving a few hours of education and entertainment. As we were not able to provided for night stay our hearts cried when we had to send the children back to the station to spend the night there, with the risk that they might fall into the wrong hands and get involved in prostitution, drug addiction and trafficking (which usually happens). We thus approached the government and Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Impressed by our work they provided us with a hall, near Jaipur railway station where children could spend a night. This space (a second hall) is called Bal Basera shelter home and it provides immediate shelter to the vulnerable children along with the basic necessities of life so that they are provided opportunities for healthy growth and development



To create awareness and build a free, caring, fair society with access to opportunity and livelihood for all. Enabling the vulnerable and neglected members especially children, to fulfil their potential for the benefit of the wider community.


To provide and extend caring, sharing and protecting the environment and overall well-being of children who cannot speak and advocate for their rights.


  • To provide care and protection to street children.
  • To preserve, protect and advocate their childhood rights at national and international level.
  • To bring street children back into the life and mainstream of society by providing them with life’s basic necessities.
  • To make society aware of the need to help protect this vulnerable group from risk.
  • Networking and liaison with government departments and like-minded NGOs for the same cause.
  • To provide rehabilitation and referral services for children in special need.
  • To create public awareness about the problems and needs of street children.

Strategic Intervention

By understanding the specific characteristics of street children and their lifestyle, it is very important to evolve suitable strategies to address their needs. The children on the streets have inner strengths and potential which need to find expression. They need to be provided with an environment suitable for their requirements, while enhancing their dignity and self-respect.

TAABAR is, basically, a Community Based Model Programme with a special emphasis on ‘Outreach Programmes’. Ultimately rehabilitation of these children and reunion with their families is the primary objective of TAABAR.

As these children live in groups, working with the group is more effective than working in one-to-one . Children and youth (ex-beneficiaries) are involved in planning and implementing the activities of the Outreach Programmes. The major thrust of the organization is to provide need-based interventions to the target group in line with the Child Rights Perspective. Children below the age of 18 who live and work on the streets (children of pavement dwellers, homeless children and slum children) and their communities are our primary target population

Our Values

Care and Protection
We believe that every child is precious and is the future of the nation. Every child has constitutional rights and legal safeguards but the situation of our children is getting worse due to poverty and other socio-economic problems such as rapid industrialization, urbanization and migration etc. So we are focused on providing care and protection to these innocent children so that we can save them from different types of exploitation.

Transparency, Dedication and Commitment
These are our core values which guide our action and decisions to achieve the objectives of the organization in line with our vision and mission. We are committed to build a ‘shining India’ by protecting future generations. We believe in transparent relationships with community, our staff, partners and donors.

Education, Empowerment and Healthy Growth
Every child needs a healthy environment to grow up in, but unfortunately street children are disadvantaged and deprived of all the necessities of childhood which are needed for healthy development. We are making an effort to provide them with shelter and helping to repatriate and reunite them with their own families by providing education, vocational and personality development training.